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10 Traditional Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

Posted By ServDharm


Posted on April 01 2023

A wedding anniversary is undoubtedly a special day in the life of any married couple and is indeed a reason to celebrate. It is a customary practice for one to give his/her significant other a special gift on this day just as much as well-wishers giving the couple a combined gift as a mark of their love towards them.

There are a whole lot of modern, contemporary and traditional gifts to take your pick. While contemporary and modern gifts have their own way of alluring people, the charm of traditional gifts cannot be undermined.

Over the years, the popularity of traditional gifts has been increasing by the day owing to the elegance and simplicity associated with them. Moreover, most traditional gifts can be associated with a personal touch that may not be possible with all expensive and modern gifts. The personalised touch can make the gifts close to the hearts of whom you are giving them.

Here, we bring you a collection of ten traditional gifts that you can choose from to make the wedding anniversary a memorable occasion.

  1. Money

While it may seem confusing how money can be given as a gift, it is actually one of the most useful gifts. When you give a couple cash as a gift, it helps them to buy something that they truly need. This will in turn save the couple the hassle of receiving a gift that is of no use to them. The amount you give is purely based on your choice and affordability.

  1. Jewellery

If budget is not much of a constraint, you can think of gifting your better half jewellery as a wedding gift. A pair of simple bangles or a ring is sure to bring a smile on to her face. For a personalised touch, you can think of giving a pendant shaped like or with the starting letter of her name.

  1. Stationery

If you are of the opinion that stationery items are dull and boring, it is time to think again. These days, there is a wide range of stationeries with a modern twist that are worth checking out. You can check out colourful and quirky or traditional style pens if you know that either one or both of them love writing. Alternatively, if one of them has a diary writing habit, you can gift a customised diary with the name imprinted on it.

  1. Dry fruits and nuts

Gift packs of assorted dry fruits and nuts are available in various sizes. You can choose a gift pack based on your budget. This is something that both the husband and wife can use. An added plus point when you opt for this gift is that the fruits and nuts are tasty and healthy too! Alternatively, you can think of giving them a box of assorted desi sweets.

  1. Figurines of deities

This is yet another option for a traditional wedding anniversary gift. You can check out various stores or online for that perfect figurine of the couple’s favourite deity if you know this. On the other hand, it is better that you don’t take a chance with this gift if you are not sure of their preference.

  1. Handicrafts

These can prove to be not only traditional but also thoughtful. Each state in India has its own plethora of traditional handicrafts worth admiring. You can pick up a handicraft or two that is native to the state the couple belong or from another state. The couple celebrating their wedding anniversary is sure to appreciate and thank you for such an innovative gift.

  1. Flowers

This is a simple and yet cheerful gift that is sure to brighten up the special day. Flowers make an ideal wedding anniversary gift from a husband to his wife or from anyone to the couple. You can decide between a simple bouquet with multiple flowers of the same type and an exotic bouquet with several types of colourful flowers. Add a personalised note and see for yourself how the bouquet can make all the difference.

  1. Couple Wristwatches

We are not talking of the high-end luxury wristwatches or smartwatches here. You can give the couple His and Her traditional wristwatches that always remain in style and give the gift a personal touch. They are available in various designs while retaining their elegant appearance and have long battery life.

  1. Linen

A bedsheet with matching pillow covers is another traditional gift that need not always be expensive. There are various choices for you to select from ranging from plain and pastel shade ones to floral ones and more. They are also available in different fabrics. If this is not your cup of tea, bath towels with the names of the couple on them are other good choices.

  1. Wallets

Like wristwatches, you can offer the couple a leather wallet combo. You can make the wallets look unique with a personalised touch by getting the names of the couple engraved on them. With leather as the choice of material, the wallets will appear exquisite as well.

The above list is not comprehensive and is intended to serve as a starting guide for some traditional wedding anniversary gifts that you can consider checking out. Depending on your budget and how close the relationship with or between the couple is, you can look out for other options too.

Apart from the above collection, you can also think of theme based traditional gifts based on the number of years of the anniversary. For example, if you are thinking of a gift for a couple’s first wedding anniversary, you can think of a paper based gift like an anniversary journal or origami art. In contrast, if the anniversary is associated with is a special number like the twenty fifth anniversary or fiftieth anniversary, you can opt for a gift in silver or gold respectively like a silver lamp or a gold ring. You can look up online to know about the theme for a particular year.


Written by - Deepthi K



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