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Unique Gifts for Grandparents

Posted By ServDharm


Posted on June 04 2021

As people grow older, we realise that finding unique gifts for them gets tougher. One category that requires a lot of thought and care in the matter of gifting are grandparents. Let’s explore some gift options that are useful plus hold a lot of sentimental value. They are especially good because of the power of healing that they hold.

Divine Bhakti Set

This amazing set is a curated collection of 15 chalisas and a Gita Saar. The chalisas that come in this box are:

  1. Ganesh chalisa
  2. Lakshmi chalisa
  3. Shiv chalisa
  4. Hanuman chalisa
  5. Durga chalisa
  6. Krishna chalisa
  7. Sai chalisa
  8. Saraswati chalisa
  9. Gayatri chalisa
  10. Vishnu chalisa
  11. Navgrah chalisa
  12. Shani chalisa
  13. Bhairav chalisa
  14. Ganga chalisa
  15. Ram chalisa

t is said that chanting chalisas with full faith removes negativity and brings what is popularly known as good vibes to a home. Not only does chanting a chalisa bring about spiritual awakening, it also brings peace of mind. The more ardently one reads, the more positive one becomes. Reading chalisas bring hope, they remove fear from the mind, and they keep a reader from thinking negatively. The believer gets clarity of thoughts and in this way, one can go through life with inner strength and resultant good health. Chalisas bring about an over-all well-being of a person. After all, if our mind is clear and free from stress, we can go through life successfully.

A special mention here must be made of the navgrah chalisa. It is believed that if a person is suffering from ill-effects of any planet in their horoscope, a daily chanting of the navgrah chalisa can reduce the malefic effects. Ideally, it should be read while facing east.

This amazing gift box is perfect if your grandparents are religious. Their daily prayers will become even more special with this gift box because you can personalise it for them. What can be better than adding a further dimension to a gift? You will be spoilt for choice with our personalisation options; because you can add their names, a special message, and even a photograph. Everyone has prayer books, but imagine owning a beautiful, premium, personalised box. Each time they look at it and reach out to pick up a prayer book, not only do they get a feel of luxury, they smile. Can you think of a better gift than that?

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