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Chandan Saffron Tika Powder for Pooja (50 grams)

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Saffron tika is used in Hindu religious rituals to appease the deity. This powder is an indispensable part of almost any yagna, archana or pooja. Its colour represents energy and power. The tika powder is made into a paste by mixing with water and applied on the forehead by devotees to represent the lord’s blessings on them. The saffron tika is also used for other religious practices like chakra meditation. An individual who adorns the saffron tika with true faith is blessed with happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, enhanced mind power and also a successful married life. The saffron tika powder can be mixed with red sandalwood apply a tilak on the idol of Lord Hanuman and be alleviated from the effects of Manglik Dosha. The tika powder must be kept in a clean and dry paste and should not be allowed to come in contact with moisture. We offer our wholly natural saffron tika powder in a compact packaging.

1) It provides cooling and improves focus and concentration. 
2) Relieves headache
3) It also is applied to honor a persona, event, or victory.
4) It signifies positivity

There are additional advantages of applying Chandan Tika.
• Applying Tika to someone shows respect for that person.
• Wearing Tika on the forehead brings in self-confidence and poise
• Tika is known to have a purifying effect. According to astrology, applying tilak brings peace to the planets


Weight: 50 grams