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Mahaan Sidhi Dayak Shri Mahalakshmi Gold Plated Yantra in a Premium Gift Box

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Those who worship this Gold-Plated Mahaan Sidhi Dayak Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra ardently and with faith achieve wealth and prosperity. It is thought that installing a yantra in your home is equal to installing a Lakshmi idol. Goddess Lakshmi, who resides in this yantra, is depicted as sitting on a lotus and receiving a bath from two white elephants carrying golden pots. The worshipper receives wealth, happiness, and luck as a result of it.

This instrument has a distinctive design. The figures on this yantra stand in for the numbers that are engraved there. It fills the atmosphere with positive energy. A person who always carries this yantra succeeds in all aspects of life. It bestows money, knowledge, and happiness upon the individual.

It should be placed on a prosperous day, such as Dhanteras, or Diwali. The goddess Lakshmi bestows her blessings of prosperity and contentment upon all those who worship this Yantra. Placing it at your home or workplace or keeping it close to you offers blessings and respite from the hardships and challenges of life. It also provides you with respect and honor.

Once you install the Gold-Plated Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra, you’ll get the following benefits


Material - Copper With Gold Polish

Dimension - 6x6 Inch

Yantra Weight - 126 Grams

Withbox Weight - 292  Grams