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Gold Plated Shani Yantra in a Premium Gift Box

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Lord Shani is regarded as the most significant deity in the Hindu religion. Lord Shani is reputed to place hurdles in a person's life when Sade Sati is present in their Kundli. You can consult your Kundli to discover the auspicious yogas. Injuries, financial issues, and disagreements are just a few of the ways that Shani's Sade Sati might appear. The Gold-Plated Shani Yantra can be used to appease Lord Shani and shield oneself from any kind of negative energy. 

Installing the Shani Yantra in your home or any other location requires entire faith and commitment. You must place the Yantra in front of the lamp. The lamp's mustard oil must be lit according to the correct ritual followed by the worship of Lord Shani. The day of Saturday should be chosen for the installation of this yantra at an appropriate place.

Daily recitation of the Shani Mantra will be beneficial. You will be blessed with all types of comforts in your life if you use this Yantra. Worshipping it with entire faith and devotion will bring prosperity into your life. The Shani Yantra can be hung in your house on the walls or over the front door.

Some of the most important benefits of using Shani Yantra are –

  • Installing this Yantra will give you a defense against evil energies and safeguard you from Planet Saturn's damaging impacts.
  • It will provide you with both physical and mental strength and assist you in gaining more self-assurance.
  • It will give you the courage to face and solve all of your difficulties.


Material - Copper With Gold Polish

Dimension - 6x6 Inch

Yantra Weight - 126 Grams

With box Weight - 292  Grams