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Gold-Plated Shri Durga Saptashati Yantra in a Premium Gift Box

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The Gold-Plated Shri Durga Saptashati Yantra supports the worshipper in – achieving goals, getting rid of hurdles, as well as, defeating all obstacles. By worshipping this divine yantra, devotees whether with or without desire can achieve their predetermined ambition. Additionally, this yantra will grant the worshipper a rational and analytical mind. This will not only enhance mental clarity but also boosts one’s general health.

An individual gets a great source of courage and motivation by worshipping this yantra. Additionally, it instills fearlessness in the worshipper and grants the capacity to carry out responsibilities well. This Gold-Plated Shri Durga Saptashati Yantra bestows riches, good fortune, and auspiciousness upon the worshipper.

It gives serenity and wealth to all the followers of Dharma. It helps in defeating all types of negative energies and in overcoming all difficulties, both mentally and physically. Apart from protecting all the worshippers, it marks a sacred pathway in the mindsets of the devotees to make them devoted followers of Dharma.

Durga mantra should be repeated 21 times during everyday Puja to produce the desired results. They can be chanted, whispered, or silently recited internally.


Material - Copper With Gold Polish

Dimension -  6x6 Inch

Yantra Weight - 126 Grams

With box Weight - 292  Grams