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Rangoli Gulal for Ugadi, 4 Stunning Shades

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Rangoli is a traditional art form that originated in India, which involves creating intricate and colorful designs on the floor using materials like colored rice, colored sand, flower petals, and even natural materials like leaves and bark.

Rangoli is typically created during festivals and other auspicious occasions, and it is considered to be a form of decoration and welcome to the gods and guests. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the household.

The designs used in rangoli can vary widely, from simple geometric patterns to more complex designs featuring figures from mythology and nature. In some parts of India, rangoli is created using stencils or templates, while in other regions, it is created freehand using only the artist's imagination and skill.

Rangoli is a beautiful and colorful expression of Indian culture and art, and it has been passed down through generations for centuries.

Made of flowers

Pure and Organic

100 grams, Pink, 100 grams Yellow, 100 grams Blue, 100 grams Green

Total weight: 400 grams

Individual Pack Dimension(L*W) - 8.5x5 Inch