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Dhanteras 2021: Do's and Dont's

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Posted on November 02 2021

Dhanteras, or Dhantrayodashi, is typically celebrated a day or two before the Diwali/Deepavali festival. The word Dhanteras is derived from two Sanskrit words dhan meaning wealth and terah meaning thirteen. It falls on the thirteenth day of the waning phase of the Kartika lunar month. This day is significant to Hindus because of its material, spiritual and religious importance. It is celebrated with full zeal like the Diwali/Deepavali festival that follows it. 

This year, Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 2, 2021.

Hindus believe that Dhanvantri who is represented as the physician of the gods emerged from the ocean with a jug of elixir on Dhanteras day. They follow several do’s and don’ts on this day. 

Read on to know what you should and should not do on this occasion.

What You Should Do

You can do any or all of the things mentioned below for maximum benefits.

  • Buy new utensils and/or jewellery made of silver, gold and copper on this day as this is believed to usher prosperity and good luck to the household. Most people buy either silver or gold coins or idols of Lord Ganesha and/or Goddess Lakshmi on this day.
  • Offer your prayers to cows and feed them with fodder and jaggery. This act is believed to be very auspicious.
  • Buy medicines and distribute them to the needy. It is said that donating ear drops and eye drops on this day can bring the donator good luck.  
  • Clean your homes and keep it tidy as this day is also addressed to as cleanliness day. Some people start cleaning their homes and offices a few days in advance. There are also people who whitewash their homes. Waste and garbage accumulation is considered to be a hub of negative energy and must be removed.
  • Do a Lakshmi pooja during pradosh kaal or the two hours immediately after sunset. Lord Ganesha, Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Kuber are also worshipped during this time. Ganesha is prayed to for wisdom and knowledge while Dhanvantri is worshipped for good health. Kuber is called upon to protect the person’s wealth while Lakshmi is prayed to be bestowed with fortune and wealth. Some people also pray to Lord Yama to be blessed with long life. Use only silver or clay idols only for worship and remove old ones if you are using new idols.
  • Invest property on this day as it is considered to be auspicious to do so. If you cannot do so, you can at least consider making a token advance to buy a new house. It is believed that buying property on this day will bring prosperity.
  • Buy a broom on Dhanteras as this is said to bring good luck. Hindus associate a broom as the dwelling of Maa Lakshmi and so if the broom is tattered or kept outside the house, it can upset the goddess and result in facing a huge monetary loss. It is because this is like sending Goddess Lakshmi outside your house.
  • Wrap a Gomti chakra in a yellow cloth and keep it safe in a clean locker. Some Hindus keep 11 chakras wrapped in the cloth. It is said that possessing this chakra blesses the owner with prosperity, wealth and health. The chakra also has the power to protect children.
  • Decorate the entrance of the house and make tiny footprints using vermilion powder or rice flour in the morning. These are said to represent the presence of Maa Lakshmi. You can also light diyas in her honour. 

What You Should Not Do

Hindus abstain from doing any of the following things on Dhanteras.

  • Do not consume meat and liquor in any form on this day. It is recommended to follow a strict vegetarian diet throughout the day.
  • Avoid talking ill of others and troubling anybody as it is said that the results of your acts on Dhanteras will find a way of coming back to you.
  • Never do any kind of monetary transaction as it is synonymous with sending fortune outside. Do not lend or borrow money to or from others. Also, avoid paying back bank loans if you can.
  • Refrain from buying objects with sharp edges such as knives and tools as well as items made of iron, aluminium and leather. It is also advised not to buy anything in black colour or wear a black dress.
  • Avoid using glass sculptures or pop sculptures for worship as breaking sculptures made of these materials is considered to be unlucky.
  • Do not keep any kind of trash or footwear outside the house. It is said that they make the main entrance to the house untidy. This makes Goddess Lakshmi unhappy and return without stepping inside. 
  • Refrain from giving gifts on Dhanteras. This act is considered to be inauspicious and equivalent to sending good fortune out of your home. If you are really keen on giving your loved ones a gift, make sure you do so the day before or after this day.

There are a few pointers to be followed when performing a Dhanteras pooja. This pooja is typically done using the evening hours. The key items needed for the puja are a kalash, a coconut, some rice,  and a few betel leaves. It is advisable that all the family members are present for the pooja. 

The idols are cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers. Light a diya, incense sticks and camphor in front of them. Chant mantras, ring the bell and recite artis in honour of the deities. Offer sweets and fruits as prasad. Laapsi is a sweet that is usually prepared on Dhanteras. This sweet is prepared using broken wheat, ghee, nuts, dried fruits and raisins. Remember to remove any broken objects from your home before doing the pooja as they attract negative energy. 

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