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About Us

ServDharm is a devotional gifting startup that offers a wide range of premium products designed to enhance the spiritual experience of individuals. We are committed to delivering exceptional products that capture the essence of devotion and offer a meaningful connection to ancient traditions.

Our product line includes exquisite festive gift boxes, premium hardbound devotional books, pure brass diyas, god idols, loban daan, organic incense cones, and more. Each item is meticulously crafted with original works from skilled artists and accurate interpretations of ancient texts by renowned spiritual leaders. We take great pride in ensuring that our products reflect the authenticity and depth of spiritual wisdom, allowing our customers to deepen their spiritual journey.

At ServDharm, we believe in embodying a two-pronged approach and value system throughout our operations. From the initial ideation stage to the final delivery of our products, we uphold the highest standards of quality. Our team works tirelessly to design and manufacture products that are '100% Made In India,' supporting the nation's rich heritage and craftsmanship.

We are dedicated to supporting local talent and empowering Indian artisans, writers, and illustrators. By providing employment opportunities, we contribute to the growth and sustenance of these skilled individuals, helping them preserve their traditional arts and crafts.

ServDharm envisions a world where devotional products are not only objects of reverence but also artistic expressions that inspire and uplift. We aim to be the go-to brand for individuals seeking meaningful and high-quality spiritual gifts. With our commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship, and the holistic development of our employees and society, we are confident in our ability to make a positive impact and create a lasting connection with our customers.

ServDharm was founded in December 2021 and we are based in Delhi, India with deliveries happening all over the world. Apart from our website, our products can also be purchased from Blinkit, Bahrisons, WH Smith, Midland Books, Amazon, Flipkart, Ferns n Petals, Amala Earth, among others. ServDharm also has a premium outlet in Jammu Airport that caters to the needs of Amarnath Yatra and Vaishno Devi yatris.

To connect with us, please write to us at support@servdharm.com or reach out at +91 8099267392 or dm us on instagram @servdharm

If you are interested in selling with us or you wish to sell our products on your website/store, please contact us at +91 8510876554 or use this form https://servdharm.com/pages/sell-with-servdharm