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About Us

There is nothing more gratifying than saving and resurrecting India’s devotionally-rich traditions, ancient scriptures and expansive forms of forgotten art. This vision to revive and embrace our culture paved the way for ServDharm, your one-stop destination for all things devotional and spiritual.

ServDharm is a devotional gifting startup with premium products ranging from festive gift boxes to devotional books and much more. This is a brand of TRUEBHAKTI.

All our products are exclusively crafted with original works from skilled artists and accurate interpretations of ancient texts by renowned spiritual leaders.

ServDharm embodies a two-pronged approach and value system starting from ideation to delivery of final products to consumers by ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of product quality while designing and manufacturing products that are ‘100% Made In India.’

ServDharm supports local talent by employing Indian artisans, writers and illustrators. Furthermore, we constantly work on building processes aligned with Skill India vision.