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Epic Tales About Kabirdas: India’s Mystic Poet Saint

Posted By ServDharm


Posted on June 09 2023

Kabirdas, also known as “Sant Kabir Saheb" and "Kabir Saheb," the mystic poet-saint, is known for his insightful verses and profound teachings that continue to resonate with people across generations. While there are not many epic tales attributed directly to Kabirdas, there are several anecdotes and stories surrounding his life that highlight his wisdom and spiritual journey. Here are a few notable tales associated with Kabirdas:

1) Meeting Ramananda

One of the most significant tales in Kabirdas's life is his encounter with the renowned Hindu saint, Ramananda. Despite belonging to different religious backgrounds, Kabirdas sought spiritual guidance from Ramananda. It is said that Kabirdas approached Ramananda, who was known for his strict adherence to the caste system, seeking initiation into spiritual practices. To test Kabirdas's sincerity, Ramananda placed a stone under his mat and sat down to meditate. When Kabirdas sat on the mat, he immediately recognized the stone and threw it away, indicating that he saw no distinctions in the form of a stone or a human being. Impressed by Kabirdas's perception and genuine devotion, Ramananda accepted him as his disciple, emphasising the universality of true spirituality.

2) Kabirdas and the Brahmin

In another tale, Kabirdas encountered a learned Brahmin who was highly respected for his knowledge of scriptures. The Brahmin, seeking to test Kabirdas's spiritual depth, challenged him with complex philosophical questions. However, Kabirdas humbly replied with a simple yet profound verse, emphasising that true knowledge lies in the experience of divine love and not in intellectual debates. This incident highlights Kabirdas's emphasis on experiential spirituality and the futility of mere intellectual knowledge without the essence of love and devotion.

3) The Divine Intervention

Legend has it that Kabirdas once found himself in a challenging situation when he was accused of stealing a valuable necklace. Despite protests of his innocence, the townspeople were convinced of his guilt. In despair, Kabirdas turned to the divine for help. In response, a voice from the heavens declared Kabirdas's innocence and revealed that the necklace was hidden in the house of the accuser. This incident not only exonerated Kabirdas but also served as a reminder of his unwavering faith and the divine protection he enjoyed.

4) Kabirdas and the King

According to a popular folklore, Kabirdas was once invited to the court of a king who sought to test the poet's wisdom. The king, in an attempt to mock Kabirdas, presented him with a golden bowl filled with milk and challenged him to prove the existence of God without spilling a single drop. In response, Kabirdas simply pierced the bottom of the bowl, allowing the milk to flow directly onto the ground. He explained that God cannot be contained within the limits of rituals and symbols, but can only be realised through direct experience and devotion.

All these tales offer glimpses into Kabirdas's life, illustrating his profound understanding of spiritual truths, his unwavering devotion, and his ability to convey profound wisdom through simple anecdotes and verses. While Kabirdas's teachings primarily find expression in his poetry, these stories provide valuable insights into his spiritual journey and the depth of his wisdom. They continue to inspire and guide individuals in their quest for truth, love, and spiritual awakening.


Written by Puja Paul



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