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Importance of Janeu in Hinduism

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Posted on October 28 2022

Janeu is a sacred white thread worn by the male members of the Brahmin community. The menfolk wear the janeu when they are between seven to twelve years of age and a ceremony known as Upanayanam is organized to initiate the wearing of the janaeu by men sitting cross-legged on the floor. This sacred thread is a representation of high spiritual knowledge. The janeu is also a gateway for a Brahmin child to perform self-studies and yagnas.

Read on to know more about the importance of wearing a janeu in Hinduism.

Dedicated to education

The janeu is a reminder that the person would remain dedicated to learning and education. It is also a self-reminder to the wearer that he will keep his mind free of any form of distraction. The child learns to recite the Gayatri mantra for the first time during the Upanayanam function from his father.

Negative thoughts and energy at bay

It is said that the Janaeu helps to keep the wearer’s mind free of negative thoughts and vibes. The janeu also prevents negative energy from surrounding the person. This will in turn guide him on the path to attain salvation or moksha after his death by bringing him closer to the Almighty and alleviating the sins committed by him in the past.

Increase memory power

Although the janeu is primarily worn on the left shoulder, it has been proved that tying the janeu on the ears helps to boost the memory of the power of the individual wearing it.

Freedom from illnesses

The janeu prevents its wearer from suffering from constipation and keeps him free from stomach related diseases and illnesses. The sacred thread also helps a person to be free of various illnesses related to blood pressure.

Representation of Tridevi or Trinity

The janeu has three strands representing the three Goddesses, namely Parvati, the goddess of personal strength; Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. As per some legends, the three strands represent Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Life of commitment

The janeu is worn on the left shoulder and crosses over the heart to indicate that a man will patiently bear the burdens her encounters in his life with determination and faith. The point where it touches the back guides the man to live a life of commitment and courage. When a boy or man wears this thread, he is ready to share the family responsibilities.

Enhances self-confidence

The janeu helps its wearer be bestowed with the blessings of Lord Shiva who is also known as the fearless in Hindu mythology. The person develops increased self-confidence and the ability to deal with any kind of problem that he might encounter in life. The janeu also increases the intuition of the individual and helps him overcome the fear of death.

Wealth, good luck and wisdom

The janeu helps the man be blessed with good luck and wealth as one of its strands is said to represent Goddess Lakshmi. It assists its wearer in overcoming financial problems in life. Similarly, since one of the strands also represents Goddess Saraswati, the individual is also bestowed with wisdom.

There are two important mantras that are chanted during the Upanayanam to initiate the janeu wearing. These are the Yagyopaveet mantra and the Gayatri mantra in the order of recitation. It is important to abstain from all forms of meat and alcohol after wearing the janeu for maximum benefits.

The janeu has to be purified and activated before it is worn for the person to be blessed by the various gods and goddesses. It can also be worn for the first time only on any of the six Hindu months starting from Magha as these are considered to be the most auspicious months. Like the months, the janeu must also be worn on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

The janeu should never be taken off after it has been worn. If the janeu breaks, a pooja is conducted to design a new janeu and wear it. The old janeu is submerged in a flowing waterbody.


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