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Lakshman Ji Ki Aarti - lyrics In English & Hindi

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Posted on December 30 2021

Introduction About Lakshman Ji Aarti

Lakshman Ji ki Aarti is an aarti performed in honour of Sri Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  This aarti is a set of seven verses with two lines in each verse.

Lakshman is portrayed as the devoted and loyal younger brother of Sri Rama who gave up his luxurious lifestyle in the palace and decided to accompany his brother to the forest for the 14-year exile period. He followed Rama dutifully wherever He went and attended to all needs of Rama and Sita during their stay in the forest without any hesitation.

Performing an aarti in dedication to Sri Lakshman yields its own benefits. A person who does the aarti with utmost devotion is blessed with peace of mind. It is believed to be very auspicious to do this aarti on Ram Navami, the day Lord Rama was born. There will be peace, happiness and prosperity in the house if Lakshman Ji ki aarti is done on this day. Moreover, an individual who does this aarti wholeheartedly will be bestowed with the blessings of Lord Rama.

According to Hindu scriptures, Lakshman is represented as the avatar of Sheshnag on whom Lord Vishnu rests. He is also said to have reincarnated as Balram when Rama reincarnated as Krishna.




Lyrics In English

Aarti Lakshman Baaljati Ki
Asur Sanhaaran Praanpati Ki

Jagmag Jyoti Avadhpur Raaje
Sheshachal Pai Aap Viraaje

Ghanta Taal Pakhawaj Baaje
Koti Dev Muni Aarti Saaje

Kirit Mukut Kar Dhanush Viraaje
Teen Lok Jaaki Shobha Raaje

Kanchan Thar Kapoor Suhaai
Aarti Karat Sumitra Mai

Aarti Kije Hari Ki Taisi
Dhruv Prahlaad Vibhishan Jaisi

Prem Magan Hopye Aarti Gaave
Basi Vaikunth Bahuri Nahi Aave

Bhakti Hetu Hari Dhyan Lagave
Jan Ghanshyam Parampad Paave


हिंदी में लिरिक

आरती लक्ष्मण बालजती की
असुर संहारन प्राणपति की

जगमग ज्योति अवधपुर राजे
शेषाचल पै आप विराजे

घंटा ताल पखावज बाजे
कोटि देव मुनि आरती साजे

किरीट मुकुट कर धनुष विराजे
तीन लोक जाकी शोभा राजे

कंचन थार कपूर सुहाई
आरती करत सुमित्रा माई

आरती कीजे हरी की तैसी
ध्रुव प्रहलाद विभीषण जैसी

प्रेम मगन होय आरती गावै
बसि वैकुण्ठ बहुरि नहीं आवै

भक्ति हेतु हरि ध्यान लगावै
जन घनश्याम परमपद पावै



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