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Salutation to Shiva: Which Day is Dedicated to Him and Why You Should Pray to Him

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Posted on June 04 2021

Lord Shiva is represented as the supreme god in the Holy Trinity. His followers are called Shaivites and they practise Shaivism. While you can pray to the god on any day, Mondays are traditionally dedicated to him. Hindus believe that worshipping Shiva ardently can keep their minds balanced without any sorrow. It is also said that praying to him on Mondays can free a person of troubles.

Here are some reasons why people pray to him.

Wise with Supreme Knowledge

Lord Shiva is represented as the teacher of the cosmos. He is well-versed in all craft, art and science forms. A person who worships him with dedication is believed to be blessed to be successful in his/her ventures. The devotee will also be bestowed with knowledge and freed from ignorance.

Fair and Just

Shiva is known for fair judgement. He meets his devotees’ needs based on sincerity of their devotion and faith. He blesses those who pray to him with good intentions, because intentions matter the most to him. At the same time, he does not fail to punish wrong doers.

Easy to Worship

A person can pray to Lord Shiva directly without the need of a priest to do a puja on his/her behalf. This helps a devotee to bond or connect personally with the lord. A devotee can also offer him anything with love and it shall be accepted.

Immense powers

Lord Shiva is associated with immense powers. Believers say that a devotee who chants a Shiva mantra or the Shiva chalisa ardently is guided in the right direction. He or she will get rid of undesirable traits such as pride, egoism, attachment, or delusion.

Tolerates and Accepts Anger

It is well-known that Shiva has a temper. So, he is said to understand this trait in his devotees and forgive the doer for acts done in the heat of the moment—as long as there is clear repentance and promise to change.

Good Husband and Family Man

Lord Shiva loves and respects his consort, Parvati very much. He treats her with utmost respect and considers her to be equal to him in all aspects. He knows the importance of a family and loves his own family members above all. It is believed that unmarried women who worship Shiva every Monday will be blessed with a life partner with traits similar to the Lord.

Lord of Human Body

Shiva can be analysed as three terms Sha+ee+va. ‘Sha’ represents body or shareeram while ‘ee’ and ‘va’ represent life giving energy or eeshwara and motion or vayu, respectively. Thus, in a nutshell Shiva represents the life and movement of the body.

A person who prays to the lord is freed of impurities from his/her life and bestowed with moksha or liberation.

It is very easy to invoke Lord Shiva’s blessings. Wear bhasmam or vibhuti on the forehead when praying. Recite the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra with full devotion on the way to the temple.

Reading the Shiv Chalisa can help one face their fears as Lord Shiva blesses them with utmost strength and fearlessness. One is relieved of all stress and worries that plague their thoughts and mind.

Chanting the “Maha Mrityunjay” mantra often is said to help a person overcome untimely death and fatal illnesses. Devotees can also worship the Shiva linga by offering it water, bhasma, jilledu flowers and bilva leaves. Remember to worship Lord Ganesha first before praying to Shiva as he will eliminate all upcoming obstacles when praying to the lord.

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