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Shiva and Parvati’s Marriage

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Posted on September 10 2021

Hindu mythology legends state that Sati reincarnated as Parvati and was born to Himavat, the king of the mountains. Menaka, wife of Himavat gave birth to a beautiful daughter and they named her Parvati. Shiva had gone to the Himalayas looking for a quiet place for meditation and King Himavat, a devotee of Shiva was more than happy to accept this news. Parvati as a child would watch Shiva in meditation and offer him flowers but Shiva in a state of eternal trance did not pay any attention.

Parvati soon grew into a beautiful young woman and had made up her mind to only marry Lord Shiva and no one else. The Gods too wished for this union as Brahma had prophesised Tarakasura to be killed by the Son of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva’s trance could not be disturbed by anyone and none of Parvati’s charms worked on him. The Gods sent Kaamdeva to help Lord Shiva fall in love with Parvati. Kaamdeva  arrived in front of Shiva and shot five arrows of flowers at the heart of Shiva. Shiva was furious at being disturbed and he opened his third eye on the forehead and the flames burnt Kaamdeva to ashes.

Parvati was determined to make Lord Shiva her husband and she gave up all worldly pleasures and took to penance in the forests. Her tapasya was intense and she was surviving on nothing but a leaf per day, which too she gave up after a while. She even gave up drinking water and was getting weakened by the day. Shiva finally decides to test her devotion one last time. He takes the form of a human Brahmin and meets Parvati. Parvati greets him with respect but is shocked when the man starts speaking ill of Shiva. “ You are such a beaituful girl, Parvati. Why do you wish to marry Shiva, who spends all his time in cremation grounds, wears a garland of skulls on his neck and has ghosts surrounding him at all times? Why do you wish to marry someone as frightening as Shiva? Parvati is enraged and asks him to leave at once. She wishes to hear no more of what he has to say about Lord Shiva. Shiva assumes his true form and grants Parvati her wish to marry him.

The saptrishis are sent with the message and they convey the marriage proposal to King Himvat. Shiva and Parvati are married and their son Kartikeya kills Tarakasura in battle restoring peace in Heaven and Earth once again.



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