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Somvaar Vrat: Why Fast on Mondays?

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Posted on March 03 2022

The term Somvaar Vrat is derived from two Hindi words Somvaar meaning Monday and Vrat meaning fast. Hence, Somvaar Vrat refers to a fast observed on Mondays. This fast is usually observed in honour of Lord Shiva and is usually carried out by Hindu women although in some families, both husband and wife observe this fast. It is considered to be highly beneficial to observe this fast on a Monday in the month of Shravan. This is because Hindus are of the belief that the Somvaar Vrat was observed for the first time in this month by Goddess Parvati to obtain Lord Shiva as her husband.

Read on to know why you should fast on Mondays and the benefits of observing this fast.

Fulfilling Wishes

Hindus believe that worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday will help them to have their wishes fulfilled. So, they observe this vrat for various reasons such as an ideal life partner, overall good health and to get over their illnesses. Devotees also observe this fast to overcome the challenges or difficulties that they encounter in their married lives and to be blessed with progenies.

Removal of Sorrows and Fears

Devotees worship The Destroyer among The Trinity and observe Somvaar vrat for relief from sorrows and fears. They chant special Shiva mantras to dispel the worries in their minds. The vrat also helps worshippers to overcome the troubles that they encounter in their lives.

Long Married Life

This Somvaar vrat is usually followed by ladies to request the god to bless their husbands with a long and healthy life. As a result, the couples are blessed with a long and happy married life.

Hindus believe that Lord Shiva is one of the easiest gods to please. Thus, it goes without saying that it is not very hard to observe Somvaar Vrat. The most important aspect of observing this fast is that it has to be carried out with utmost devotion and a clear mind.

Overcome Ill Effects of the Moon

Among the seven days of the week, Monday is the day that is associated with the moon. People whose horoscopes are affected by the moon must observe this vrat and perform the Chandraman pooja. This will help them get relief from the ill effects of the moon in their horoscopes.

Devotees observing this fast wake up early in the morning before sunrise. They visit temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and chant Om Namah Shivaya. Some other mantras you can recite are the Shiva Gayatri mantra, Mahamrityunjaya mantra and Rudra mantra. Worshippers also perform a pooja for the Shivalinga in their homes. They prefer wearing white coloured dresses on this day. Avoid offering ketki flowers and tulsi leaves to the lord during the pooja.

As a first step to commencing the pooja, you can wash the linga using Ganga Jal followed by panchamrit. This is a mixture of five items comprising milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey. After this, you can pour some more Ganga Jal and water on the linga once again. Offer some prasad of your choice to the lord. The choice of items opted for Somvaar Vrat are usually Dhatura flowers or any white coloured flowers, bilva or betel leaves, rice and fruit. This is followed by reading the Somvaar Vrat katha with a pure mind. End the pooja with an aarti to the Shivalinga. Light a ghee lamp in front of the linga and offer some flowers and water to the Moon God and the linga.

In the evening, visit a Shiva temple once again after a bath for the lord’s darshan and say your prayers wholeheartedly.

Devotees observing the fast usually prefer to have only water throughout the fasting period or a one-time meal after they complete their pooja. There are also followers who stick to a fruit only meal or just milk, buttermilk, curd or a dish made using sabu dana.

Apart from the normal Somvaar Vrat performed on a Monday, there are two other special types of this fast. One of them is the Som Pradosh fast that is observed on Trayodashi or the thirteenth day of the Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha if it falls on a Monday. The fast is observed in the evening hours. Lord Shiva and his consort Maa Parvati are said to be extremely happy and generous on this day and bless their devotees with good health, wealth and contentment. Devotees also have their desires fulfilled and their minds are filled with positive thoughts.

The other vrat is the Solah Somvaar Vrat or 16 Mondays fast. The fast commences on the first Monday of the Shravan. Apart from fasting and doing a pooja for the lord, worshippers also recite the 16 Somvaar Vrat Katha. This fast is usually performed by those who are looking for an ideal life partner or encountering difficulties in their marital life.



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