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Stationery Gifting Ideas

Posted By ServDharm


Posted on June 04 2021

Stationery lovers are the easiest people to buy gifts for. Not only are there a plethora of stationery items to choose from, a lot of these can be personalised and let’s admit it, shopping for stationery leaves one with a happy feeling. One of the best things about stationery is that you know you are gifting things that are not just of sentimental value, but are also really useful.

Apart from the run-of-the-mill items such as calendars, desk planners and pens, one great gifting item to explore are stationery sets available with us. These come in a combination of luxury quality products and can be personalised. There is something very pleasing about seeing your name on stationery, don’t you think?

Our stationery set is a luxury gifting item and consists of the following items:

  1. 50 best wishes card with envelopes
  2. 50 thank you cards with envelopes
  3. 50 shagun envelopes
  4. 50 A-4 size letterheads with envelopes
  5. 50 A-5 size letterheads with envelopes

The best part about this stationery set is that it has something in it for everyone. In the era of emails and SMS’, sending a physical greeting or thank you card is sure to earn you bonus points, especially if it is given as a gift to the older generation of parents and grandparents. Shagun envelopes are used in almost every household for a variety of occasions from weddings, birthdays, baby showers, engagements to anniversaries. The two types of letterheads enable one to send out correspondence according to the need of the project. Or maybe just to write a good old fashioned hand-written letter!

In addition, this stationey set comes in a state-of-the-art box, which makes storage super easy and at the same time looks very classy. The material of the box is sturdy with a luxurious matte feel. These stationery sets with a high-end look and feel also make amazing corporate gifts, especially during festivals such as Diwali. You can move away from traditional gifts to something different, which will ensure you will be remembered every time the person uses this set. Refills are easily available, too.

After all, good recall results in good business!

In India, colours play a very important role. Apart from each sun sign being associated with a certain colour, the days of the week and auras are also linked to colours. You can take your gifting experience a step further and choose a colour which suits the person you are giving the stationery set to.

The stationery sets come in the following colours and let’s see what each colour signifies:

  • Charcoal Black: Elegance, Sophistication, Power
  • Peonies in Sunshine: Happiness, Energy, Friendship
  • Azure Royal Blue: Intelligence, Trust, Royalty
  • Bubble Gum Pink: Feminity, Playfulness, Sweetness
  • Dark Cherry Red: Courage, Passion, Power
  • Steel Grey: Calmness, Simplicity, Wisdom
  • Wild Berry Pink: Sensitivity, Tenderness, Charm
  • Walnut Brown: Strength, Reliability, Endurance
  • Pearl River Grey: Formal, Sophistication, Simplicity
  • Sand- Warm, Flexible, Conformity

To sum up, with the range of stationery items flooding the market, it can get confusing which one to choose. The advantage with stationery sets is that not only are they pleasing to the eye, they can be personalised with the person’s name and favourite colour. These gift sets are useful and durable. So, the next time you are thinking about stationery, check out these sets as a wholesome gifting idea.

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