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The Importance of Pital in Hinduism

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Posted on January 12 2023

The alloy brass or pital as it is referred to in local parlance plays a key role in Hinduism. According to Vedic texts, the significance of using brass in everyday life cannot be undermined. It is supposed to bless its users with abundance in life and also help them to be attracted to positivity.

Moreover, the spiritual sound produced by brass items purify the surroundings because of the ability to attract spiritual waves towards them. It is said that Mother Earth is capable of imbibing and emitting the positive energies and divine waves. Brass also emits the subtle Tej sound of the universe.

Brass utensils on which food is served trap these positive energies and transfer them on to the food or samagris placed on them. As a result, these food items and samagris get geared up with spiritual powers and vibes that protect them from every evil. Such food is also ideal for kindling the Panch Pranas in an individual.  

Hindus primarily use brass items for their poojas and other religious practices. This is because it is believed that brass is capable of transforming the superior sound vibrations from several beej mantras and Omkar produced by God into sound vibrations of an inferior level so that they benefit the average human being. Here, we highlight the significance of using some popular brass items for a Hindu pooja.

Brass Idols

Brass idols in a pooja room can create a peaceful and calm environment in your home. When you opt for brass, the negativity from the surroundings gets eliminated and are replaced with positive vibes. The brass idols also have a positive impact on the mental and physical health of the members who use them in their homes.

Brass Diya

Lighting a brass diya for the pooja has many scientific and spiritual benefits. When a brass diya is lit, the person lighting the diya is said to be blessed with good health. It also helps to eliminate negative thoughts from the mind of an individual and keeps him/her surrounded by positive vibes. A lit diya additionally represents the triumph of good over evil and radiates a divine light in the surroundings.

The brass diya with five petals has a special significance as the five petals highlight the relationship between the Panch Pranas and the Amar Jyoti or the divine light. Each of the Pancha Pranas has a distinct function and direction of flow.

Brass Bell

The sound revibrated from a brass bell is said to be positive and divine resulting in the ushering of auspiciousness and getting rid of evil.  It also said that the vibrating sound waves in the surroundings is related to the Lord Shiva principle. The bell sound additionally purifies the surface of the earth and the surroundings creating a conductive atmosphere suitable for following religious rituals and practises. As a result, devotees are able to absorb sattvic waves that are emitted from the divine power to the maximum extent.

Brass Conch

A left-sided brass conch is usually blown before beginning any arti or pooja ritual. The sound produced from this conch is said to be holy and creates a divine aura where the rituals are performed. It is also said that emitted sound has the power to destroy various types of germs and diseases in the surroundings.

Interestingly, the brass conch used for the pooja is also paid due respects. The conch is washed and cleaned well after which kumkum and sandalwood paste are also applied on it. An offering of flowers and tulsi leaves are also made. It is then filled with the holy Gangajal water that is sprinkled on everyone who has assembled for the pooja and arti rituals using a flower. Gangajal taken from a brass conch is said to be extra powerful and can remove the sins from individuals. This Gangajal is also used to perform an abhishekam for the deities.

Brass Thali

It has been a customary practice to use a brass pooja thali or brass items from time immemorial because of the subtle sound produced by them that is favourable for extinguishing the negative spirits surrounding us and awakening or kindling the positive powers within.

The above article gives an insight into some of the key reasons why pital or brass is important in Hinduism, especially for pooja. Moreover, brass is associated with harmony, charisma, creativity and beauty. Additionally, pooja items made of brass have high durability and can last for a long time. This is really important most of the pooja rituals are performed near fire and the pooja items have to be able to withstand the heat.

While the positive effects of using brass cannot be undermined, it is equally important to ensure the cleanliness of these items for maximum benefit. This is not difficult at all and you can clean them with common household cleaning agents. One way to do this is to rub a slice of lemon coated with baking soda over the brass items, wash them with baking soda and then dry them. Alternatively, you can use tamarind pulp instead of the lemon slice and wash them with warm water.


Written by - Deepthi K




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