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The Power of Durga Chalisa and its Influence

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Posted on June 04 2021

Goddess Durga is considered by her devotees as one of the most powerful of all deities. She is regarded as the goddess of protection, war, and strength. The 40 verse Durga Chalisa is sung praising her, especially during the Navaratri festival. It describes Durga’s beauty, courage, strength, and gives details about her fight with demons.

The chalisa can be said any number of times in a day. Most devotees prefer chanting this mantra in the morning hours. Reciting the chalisa with a devout mind can have a great impact on you in your daily life. Read on to know the influence of the mantras in your life.

Keeps Evil Thoughts in Check

Chanting the Durga chalisa keeps one’s mind free of negative and unnecessary thoughts. The chalisa keeps the chanter’s mind at peace and helps him or her in developing a positive and calm mindset. Chanting the verses given in the Durga chalisa removes strong emotions such as those of despair, obsession, envy, lust, etc. The mantra also creates a spiritual and emotional awakening in its readers.

Prevents Financial Losses

It is believed that regular recitation of the Durga chalisa helps the reciter and his/her family to avoid financial loss. It is also believed that Ma Durga showers them with prosperity and opportunities to earn well.

Regain lost status

A person who chants the chalisa is often able to recover his/her lost fame or status. He/she will also earn a good name for himself in the society and win the respect of almost everyone around.

Overcome illness

The chalisa keeps the chanter hale and healthy. It is believed by Durga devotees that a person suffering from any disease gets cured and is blessed with a healthy life along with his near and dear ones, if this chalisa is chanted with full faith. Women who are trying to conceive are benefitted from chanting this chalisa.

Educational Success

Students who recite the Durga chalisa regularly achieve not only educational success but also success in their endeavours. They are able to study better and do well in their exams. The goddess showers students chanting the mantra with full devotion with abundant knowledge.

Reciting the chalisa is a solution to almost any problem that you may be facing. Problems in relationships also get sorted and the person experiences true bliss and happiness. The chalisa eliminates difficulties from the person’s life and helps him/her win over his/her enemies.

Reading Durga chalisa is the simplest way of invoking Ma Durga’s blessings. It’s believed that the goddess fulfils the desires of those who say the chalisa with full devotion on all days during the nine-day festival.

A person who ardently recites the chalisa with good intention on a regular basis witness several positive changes in his or her life. Chanting the chalisa daily can help in overcoming obstacles in daily life. It is important to keep the mind relaxed and surrender completely to Ma Durga when saying the chalisa to be fully benefitted from it.

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