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Top Benefits of Undertaking a Pilgrimage

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Posted on March 03 2022

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. People who practise this religion visit various shrines and temples to pay their obeisance to their favourite deity. It is also not uncommon for them to undertake a pilgrimage in this regard. Hindus are of the belief that a pilgrimage is one of the best ways for them to connect with the Brahman. Embarking on a pilgrimage will help you work on ways towards incorporating spiritual practices in your life. If you are already doing so, a pilgrimage will only help you augment your spirituality.

Let us now look at a list of some reasons why you should consider undertaking a pilgrimage at least once in your lifetime.

Meet Like-Minded People

A pilgrimage is a great way to touch base with like-minded people and those who share the same thoughts as you do. This paves way for the exchange of ideas and spiritual practices. You will most likely get an opportunity to associate yourself with great sages or saints whom you can request to share their spiritual practices and realisations for you to imbibe in your life.

Adopt Spiritual Lifestyle

A visit to one or more holy places can be a life changing experience. You will get a clear understanding about the do’s and don’ts of adopting a spiritual lifestyle. Moreover, a spiritual tour or a pilgrimage can keep you spiritually inspired for a lifetime and leave an everlasting impression on your mind. As a result, your devotional fervour gets strengthened all the more. An opportunity for a pilgrimage does not happen often and so you must make use of the opportunity when it comes.

Preparation for Renunciation

Going on a pilgrimage can help you get detached from or renounce the materialistic pleasures in this world. The spiritual journey can also assist you in keeping your mind free of thoughts of the mundane problems and routine in your everyday life. A pilgrimage can serve as a reminder about the life you must lead to achieve moksha or salvation.

Cleanse Your Mind and Body

A pilgrim centre is the abode of Hindu deities on earth. Hence, such places are surrounded by the divine aura and presence of the Gods. They are also filled with the vibrations of the mantras, prayers and chants of saints and devotees. The spiritual energy and the vibrations radiated from the Gods and the mantras and/or prayers engulf you in spiritual energy. So, a pilgrimage can result in cleansing your body as well as mind while eliminating the impurities and negativities within you. This will, in turn, pave the way for elevating your consciousness.

Engage in Sacrificial Actions

Undertaking a pilgrimage will present you with many chances to give up your selfishness and make small or big sacrifices to please the Gods. You will also encounter several opportunities to give up your personal comforts, spend your money and time on and for others as well as help others by giving more importance to their needs than yours. In other words, all these actions will play a key role in helping you indulge in virtuous acts and suppressing your ego.

Strengthen Relationship with God

When you embark on a pilgrimage, you find yourself getting closer to God. This helps you to strengthen and enhance your relationship with your preferred deity. You will be able to reside in His abode and interact with Him like how you wish to. The pilgrimage will help you tell God your devotion and love to Him without any inhibition. With each pilgrimage that you do, you will find yourself becoming closer and familiar to the Almighty.

Help to Practice Dharma

A pilgrim centre is generally represented as a centre of Hindu Dharma. Needless to say, a pilgrimage opens up an avenue to develop good virtues, engage in charity and selfless service and serve people who would benefit from your help. All these are small acts of dharma that can go a long way in increasing your spirituality. Such acts can help you stay close to the lord and your faith.

Overcome Sinful Karma

Hindu scriptures have various citations of how going on a pilgrimage has helped many get rid of the sinful karma they committed in their lives. This is because the Gods and Goddesses in these places are believed to help you get rid of your sins. People visit Varanasi to bathe in the river Ganges and atone for their sins and alleviate actions.

Seek Divine Guidance and Help

You can use pilgrimage as an opportunity to seek help and guidance from the Almighty to fulfil your desires and help you solve the problems that you encounter in your daily life. In other words, a pilgrimage offers a perfect opportunity for you to appeal to God for getting your wishes fulfilled and seeking His control in all your ventures.

The earliest reference of a Hindu pilgrimage can be found in the Rig Veda, that is the oldest of all Vedas. A pilgrimage helps you gain a detailed understanding of the holy site you are visiting. It is a common belief among Hindus that some deities once dwelled in certain places of the earth making them more religious than other places. Such places are often declared as pilgrimage sites by Hindus.




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