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What Lucky Elements to Add to Your Home Decor

Posted By ServDharm


Posted on January 23 2023

Home décor plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of any home. While there is a multitude of home décor that you can choose from to beautify your home, it’s worth investing in some items that not only make the house look beautiful but also bring you luck. This gives you the double benefit of feeling lucky and making the house look attractive at the same time.

Elephant Figurine

The elephant is a large and yet humble animal that is considered to be loyal and wise. This is the reason why an elephant figurine is a lucky element. If you plan to add one of these figurines to your collection of lucky elements, you must consider buying an element with its trunk lifted upwards.

Horseshoe Magnet

A horseshoe magnet is yet another lucky charm opted for by many people. It is recommended that the magnet is placed above the main entrance door. However, there is a debate on how the horseshoe has to be placed. Some people believe that it must point upwards so that they do not run out of luck. On the other hand, there are also people who insist on it pointing downwards for luck to fall on them when they walk under it.


Some people consider using adding a mirror as a lucky element to their home décor. The place where the mirror is positioned is important to bringing good luck. It is often recommended that you hang a mirror in your dining room or on a wall facing a beautiful view. According to Feng shui, avoid hanging the mirror on a wall facing the main entrance of the house as it tends to reflect the positive energy from the house.

Red Coloured Objects

The red colour is said to bring good luck. You can use a red home décor to increase your luck. This can be as simple as a red vase, a red rug or even a red wall hanging. Some people, however, believe that good luck favours them by opting for home décor items based on their star sign.

Fish Tank

Fish is supposed to bestow good luck upon a person who owns a fish bowl or an aquarium with some fish in it. Dragon fish and gold fish are said to be the fish associated with different forms of good luck. Dragon fish is considered to bring in wealth while the gold fish ushers in positive energy and good fortune. If you are planning to have a fish tank with fish, make sure that you have either eight or nine fish in it. In case it is not possible to have a fish tank, you can opt for a fish wall hanging or statue instead.

Fresh Flowers

While not exactly a home décor element, fresh flowers are considered to bring luck to the members of the house in which they are placed. You can consider keeping a bunch of fresh flowers in a crystal vase filled with clean water. As a bonus, they can help to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s worth keeping in mind that the flowers must be replaced or removed as soon as they become dry and the water must also be changed if it is dirty.

White Lights and Lanterns

It is a common sight to find white lights and lanterns being used as a part of the Christmas decorations in most houses. However, it’s a good idea to consider hanging them right through the year. If you believe in Feng shui, you will be glad to know that these simple and unassuming decorations when hung at the front porch or the entrance door welcome good luck into the house.


Like fresh flowers, it may not be appropriate to consider bamboo as a home décor item. Nevertheless, it is mentioned here because it is widely known to be a good luck charm that brings positivity, peace and productivity in its surroundings. You can consider opting for some bamboo home décor in any room of your house.

Fruit Bowl

A clean bowl filled with fresh citrus fruit on your dining table or the countertop of your kitchen is yet another item you can use as a home décor though it is actually not so. The fruits not only appear colourful but render a pleasant aroma in the surroundings. It is a less known fact that this aroma also has the power to dispel bad luck.

Colourful Crystals

A bunch of loose colourful crystals are not just pretty home décor accessories but also ideal for welcoming good luck to your home. Some good crystal choices for good luck are smoky quartz, rose quartz, turquoise and blood stone. You can also opt for home décor items embedded with these crystals.

The above list is just a partial list of some commonly opted for lucky home décor elements. You can check out for more such elements and include them. Also, it is possible to opt for more than one lucky home décor items.


Written by - Deepthi K



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