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Why Do Hindus Worship Nandi?

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Posted on August 24 2022

Nandi is represented in Hindu mythology as a sacred bull and one of the most devout followers of Lord Shiva. The lord is believed to use Nandi as His mode of transport. The word Nandi means giving joy or giving delight. Any shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva has the idol of Nandi in sitting position at the entrance of the inner sanctum sanctorum. According to Hindu dharma, devotees visiting a Lord Shiva temple for His darshan must first have the darshan of Nandi.

There is a particular way in which the Nandi darshan must be carried out when worshipping the bull. Devotees must stand or sit on the right side of the idol and touch both horns of the bull using their right hand by placing the thumb and forefinger on the horns. They should rest their left hand at the bottom of the bull. This is called Shrungadarshan. The Shivalinga should then be viewed through the triangular frame created by the horns, thumb and fingers.

There are various benefits in adopting the Shrungadarshan and worshipping Nandi. Read on to know some of them.

Disintegration of Raja-Tama Particles

When the horns of Nandi are touched, the apa-tattva (absolute water) and prithvi-tattva (absolute earth) principles get transmitted into the human body in the form of waves through the hand. Destroyer waves emerge from the horns of the bull and break the raja-tatma particles in the human body. This helps in simultaneously enhancing the sattvika of the person. As a result, he/she is capable of tolerating the high energy waves generated by the Shivalinga.

If the raja-tatma particles are not disintegrated, the energies from the linga can cause several types of discomfort such as body tremors or the head feeling numb.

Larger Flow of Divine Energy

The Shrungadarshan mudra stimulates a larger than usual flow of shakti or divine energy from the Shivalinga, thereby blessing him/her with additional spiritual benefits. The intensity and speed with which the energy flows is like through a pipe. The flow is more concentrated and focussed rather than spreading over a large area.

The vibrations of the divine energy also spread throughout the human body with the Shrungadarshan mudra.

Overcome Fertility Related Problems

Hindus are of the firm belief that they can overcome fertility related issues with their utmost devotion and sincere worship to Nandi. It is a common practice for women to visit an idol of Nandi in a Shiva shrine and adorn it with flower garlands. They also touch the idol with their hands as a mark of respect towards Him. It is said that Nandi is pleased with those who do these wholeheartedly and blesses them by relieving them of their infertility.

Fulfilment of Desires

It is believed that one is also blessed with having his/her desires fulfilled when he/she says them in Nandi’s ear. The wishes can be said in any ear after worshipping Him with fervour. However, some people believe that it is more significant to say the wishes in the left ear. Before telling Nandi of their desires, devotees must ensure that there is no one around them listening to what they have to say. Hence, they cover their lips with both the hands when they say their desires in Nandi’s ear. Remember to offer the bull some prasad or flowers after telling Him your desires.

An individual must remember to never speak of evil intentions or bad about anybody it into Nandi’s ear. Such desires will never be granted by Nandi.

Solutions to Problems

Hindus believe that Nandi positions Himself outside the Lord Shiva temple to ensure that His favourite lord’s penance is never disturbed. Devotees who want to tell their favourite deity their problems are forbidden to disturb His penance by Nandi. Hence, they say all that they have to in Nandi’s ears and request Him to pass them on to Lord Shiva. It is said that this practice was first followed by none other than Lord Ganesha after He failed to get the attention of Shiva during meditation to inform Him about the kidnapping of Parvati by the demon Jalandhar.

Nandi listens to them wholeheartedly and willingly and tells the Lord what His devotees said after the lord’s penance is over. Nandi does not discriminate among the devotees and Shiva believes all that Nandi tells the lord.  

It is important to stand by the side of the Nandi idol when worshipping Lord Shiva in a temple. It’s important that you do not stand before the idol or after it. The position of Nandi before the Shivalinga is also a representation of His role as a gatekeeper in Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva.



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