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Why Hindus believe in Sun Worship

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Posted on November 30 2022

Hindus refer to the sun as Lord Surya or Surya Dev and the deity is usually shown riding a chariot with seven horses. It is a customary practice in Hinduism to offer prayers and obeisance to the sun for several reasons. the sun is a vital source of energy for any living being. Lord Surya is considered to be the God of good health. He is also believed to bless His devotees with happiness, health and prosperity while removing their spiritual, mental and physical weaknesses. Some devotees also offer water in a lota or a round copper vessel that has a wide edge to the sun while chanting the Om Suryaya Namaha 108 times.

There are various references to sun worship in the puranas. For instance, the Ramayana talks of how Sage Agastya introduced Lord Rama to sun worship with the Aditya Hridaya mantra. The Sun God is also identified as a symbol of the victory of light over darkness.

According to the Rig Veda, the worship is usually done in the early morning hours facing the east and in the evening hours. When the water is poured as part of the sun worship in the morning, it produces a flowing film that features the seven colours associated with the spectrum by means of refraction. It is believed that by gazing at the sun indirectly through this film is beneficial not only to the eyes but also helps in purifying the mind and vitalising the body. Offering water to the Sun in the evening safeguards them against several illnesses. 

An important aspect of engaging in sun worship is that it helps the human body to come in contact with solar rays. This can help in getting rid of depression and moodiness. Solar therapy also helps in treating dermatological disorders, balancing metabolism and enhancing blood circulation while restoring the function of most body systems at the same time.

The Sun God is represented in Hindu mythology as the source of all life and renders warmth and light to the entire world. People engaged in agricultural practices worshipped the Sun God because their crops depended on the sun for their sustenance and life.

The sun has, from time immemorial, been represented as a symbol of clarity, power and knowledge. He is also said to illuminate a person’s life by dispelling darkness around him/her. Hindus sing many hymns in honour of Lord Surya to be bestowed with knowledge and the light of awareness. They also chant the Gayatri mantra in honour of the Sun God to develop a strong mind free of ignorance.

There are several benefits of worshipping the Sun God in the morning. The early morning prayers improves the communication skills of the lord’s devotees while boosting their confidence and energy levels. They also help devotees to be freed from the adverse effects of Grah Dosh by ushering harmony and peace in their lives. Devotees praying to Lord Surya with utmost devotion also find relief from their troubles and gain strength, courage and strength in life.

There is a specific method to worship Surya Dev to seek His blessings. It is mandatory to follow the rituals without any deviation. The worship must commence after a bath to purify the mind, soul and body. It is necessary to keep items like the Surya yantra, a Rudraksha mala, cocnut, betel leaves, fruits and prasad ready before you begin worshipping Lord Surya.

Wear fresh clothes after a bath and maintain a squatting posture face the east. Sprinkle some Ganga jal over the head and pray to Lord Ganesha prior to the worship to Lord Surya. After this, raise your arms above the thigh level, close your eyes and thank the Sun God with a smile for blessing you with another day ahead of you.

Take a lota of water and add some akshat, red flowers and ashtagandha to it. Offer the water to the lord by pouring it to the ground and chanting a mantra in His honour. The water helps to strike a balance between the mind and the body. Apply a kumkum or chandan tilak and bend downwards such that your forehead touches the ground.

Recite the Gayatri mantra or the Aditya Hridya stotram. You can also chant the Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu mantra while or after offering the water. Meditate for about five to ten minutes. End the worship by touching the water and pouring a few drops on your forehead and over the eyes. Remember not to step on the water when you move away after the worship.

When you worship Lord Surya with utmost devotion, you can get rid of negative thoughts from cluttering your mind and be free of undesirable traits like ego, desire, greed and anger.


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