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Holy Ganga Jal For Pooja ( 100 ml )

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The Ganges or Ganga river is considered the most sacred in the Hindu tradition. In Hindu households pooja or rituals are incomplete without the use of sacred Ganga jal.

Association with Ganga jal begins with the birth and continues till the death for a Hindu. According to the 'Agni-Purana', wherever the holy water of Ganges reaches, it purifies that place from all evils and doshas.

A large number of religious ceremonies require the presence of sacred Ganga jal including griha pravesh, havan etc. It is also an integral and important component of Panchamrit. In almost all Hindu households, it is sacrosanct to keep auspicious Ganga jal in the house.

ServDharm brings you Holy Ganga jal for pooja in a convenient and handy packaging of 100 ml and is pure Ganga jal sourced from Aungi, Uttarkashi.

Key Features

  • Natural and sacred
  • Perfect for long term use
  • Pooja essential
  • Purifies one's home


100 ml