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Citronella Incense Cones

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Citronella incense cones have a crispy citrus-like aroma with a floral scent. The Servdharm citronella cones have a refreshing fragrance that lingers around the surroundings for a long time and induces hope and happiness in a person. Like our other cones, they make a great option for yoga, aromatherapy and meditation. Citronella is well-known for its ability to keep off mosquitoes in the surroundings where it is used. This wonderful herb is a wonderful stress relief agent and relaxes the human mind and body. The cones when lit up are an excellent therapy for people suffering from frequent headaches, coughs and colds as well as bouts of depression. The incense cones trigger the perfect mood wherever they are lit and bring life to any occasion. The fact that they are made of only herbal materials make them safe to use even when there are people with respiratory or breathing problems around. Light the pointed tip of the cone and weight for it to start glowing before you blow out the flame. Place the cone on a small plate so that the residue does not accumulate on the floor and can be cleaned easily. Each cone remains lit for at least half an hour. Make sure that the cones are lit at a distance from flammable objects and only in places that are well-ventilated. The incense cones should also be kept away from direct sunlight for them to work effectively.


  • Product Dimensions: 10*10*3 (in CM)


  • Product Weight: 75g


  • Citronella