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Patchouli Incense Cones

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Patchouli incense cones are known for their aromatic and herbal scent that render an earthy or musky fragrance with a woody-minty undertone. The fragrance and lingering odour from our Servdharm cones triggers a soothing atmosphere for yoga and meditation with a deep spiritual connection.

The patchouli herb has immense benefits on a person’s overall health and well-being with its ability to increase his/her immunity. The herb elevates joyfulness, optimism and confidence in an individual. It is also known for its insect repelling, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory antifungal and anti-depressing properties. These incense cones help to keep negative feelings at bay and relieve stress in a person. Their intoxicating scent makes them well-suited for aromatherapy and as an air purifier.The all-natural materials used to make the cones are free of charcoal and other toxic substances, ensuring that they are completely safe to breathe. The lit cones produce positive vibrations in the environment. They burn for a considerably long time and leave very less residue around the area where they are burnt.

The tip of the cone must be lit until it becomes red before blowing out its flame. Place this cone on a heat resistant surface above the ground out of reach of pets and children. Avoid allowing the cones to come in direct contact with sunlight to preserve their effectiveness. The effect of these cones lasts for some time even after the burn time of the cones for more than ten minutes.


  • Product Dimensions: 10*10*3 (in CM)


  • Product Weight: 75g


  • Patchouli