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Saptdhan for Ghatastaphna - 7 grains/seeds for Hawan, Sowing, Puja

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The word Saptadhan/Saptdhan translates to seven grains in Sanskrit. As part of the ritual during Navratri, a pot (ghata) is filled with soil and sown with seven different types of grains or seeds, symbolizing abundance, fertility, and prosperity. The grains commonly used include gehun, jau, lentils, chickpeas, sesame seeds, rice, and maize. These grains are believed to represent the seven forms of Goddess Durga. Shakti is invoked through this ritual that involves sowing of seeds as well as prayers and mantras.

Saptdhan by ServDharm is a 50 gm pack of 7 types of seeds for ghatasthapana ritual.