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Brass Gajalakshmi Diya (5.5 Inch)

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Known to bestow prosperity and abundance to her worshippers, Lakshmi ji never lets one leave empty handed from her doorstep. Intricately crafted by expert craftsmen, this divine brass Diya brings one unending prosperity and a way out of their financial troubles.

How to use the Gajalakshmi Diya:

Clean the Diya: Before lighting the Diya, clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

Fill the Diya with Oil: Fill the Diya with oil, such as ghee or vegetable oil, up to three-quarters full.

Insert the Wicks: Insert cotton wicks into the Diya. The wick should be long enough to reach the bottom of the Diya and should be soaked in the oil.

Light the Diya: Light the wicks with a matchstick or a lighter.

Place the Diya: Place the Diya in a suitable location, such as in front of a deity or in a puja room.

Offer Prayers: Offer prayers to the deity while the Diya is lit.Extinguish the Diya: Once the puja is complete, extinguish the Diya by blowing out the flames or by using a snuffer.


Dimension : Height - 5.5 inch , Width - 3 inch , Diya Dia - 3 Inch

Weight : 900 Gram

Material - Brass