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Roli by ServDharm

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Roli is a very essential pooja item in almost any Hindu ritual. It is also occasionally referred to as red kumkum powder although kumkum and roli are different. The Roli signifies auspiciousness and happiness. Its red colour is also a representation of the divine female power, fortitude, euphoria and optimism. The main ingredient of roli is turmeric powder that is roasted at a high temperature to give it the red colour. The roli powder is made into a paste by mixing with water and is applied on the utensils used for the pooja. It is also applied in the middle of the forehead of the deity and the devotees between the eyebrows. This spot is called the Agni Chakra and is said to be the centre of spirituality. Its application opens the enlightening path of an individual who puts the roli on his/her forehead with utmost devotion. Our roli is 100% natural and free of any chemicals. 


50 Grams