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Butterfly Gold Plated Urli ( 7 Inches )

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Urli is a simple round bowl shaped multipurpose vessel that finds its origin in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The name urli is derived from the Tamil word, 'urulai' which means a round bowl.

Servdharm  Butterfly Gold Plated Urli is artistically and intricately designed with a beautiful butterfly motif to enhance the traditional and aesthetic beauty of your home and workplace.

Urli is an amazing vaastu element as well as a home decor article.It is filled with water and decorated with fresh flowers. One can personalise the decoration of an urli based on the wishes, thoughts and desire of the person. One can choose flowers on the basis of the effect one is striving for. A few drops of any preferred essential oil can be added to uplift the mood. Also using small diyas or scented candles can create a pleasant ambient light to elevate the positive vibes.

An urli has all the natural elements like water, flowers, fragrant oils and lighted diyas or candles and thus creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere . It enhances the harmony of the place to make it more conducive to invoking the divine forces and abundance.

The colour Gold is considered to be precious, holy and auspicious. It is deeply embedded in the fabric of our culture and religion. Gold plated Urli brings you similar benefits at a reasonable, value for money price.

Its aesthetic appeal and vastu benefits makes it an ideal gifting option for individual and corporate purpose.

Weight - 
280 Grams

Material - Metal

Dimension(L*W*H) - 7x7x2 Inches