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Aalta Paper for Chhath Puja | Arghautta Paper| Surya Puja Essentials

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Aalta paper is an essential Chhath Puja item used during the aaragh (offerings made to the Sun) to seek blessings for being granted one's wish, and also for the health and happiness of one's loved ones. Also known as Aalta Patra, it is made of gram flour or maida pasted on the fibres of acacia pods and further mixed with Alta/aalta (a red dye made of betel leaves juice, sindoor and Kumkum). This popular traditional item is also seen on the doors and windows of people of Bihar during Chatth Puja as a way of inviting prosperity, good health and happiness home. Perfect for those who worship the Sun for good health and vitality.

Package Contents: Pack of 5 Aalta Paper

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