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Bhasma/Vibhuti Powder for Pooja

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Vibhuti or Bhasma is referred to as the holy or sacred ash in English. The vibhuti is largely used by the Shaivite cult of Hindus who consider Lord Shiva as their principal deity. It is primarily applied on the forehead as a single horizontal line or three horizontal lines. The bhasma is primarily prepared from cow dung although rice husk and dried wood from burning dead bodies are also used to produce the holy ash in some cases.

The vibhuti to be applied must be taken from its containers by taking a pinch of the same between the ring finger and the thumb. When the bhasma is applied as three lines, it is taken on the palm of the left hand and applied using the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand. The vibhuti is often applied this way when performing a ritual such as a Shiva Puja. The vibhuti must always be applied using a clean hand or preferably after a bath.

The bhasma is applied on the forehead between both the eyebrows. This point is known as the agna chakra. When the vibhuti is applied this way, it is called tripundra. As per the Shiva Purana, the holy ash particles that make skin contact when applied as tripundra are said to represent lingams.


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