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Gold Plated Baglamukhi Yantra in a Premium Gift Box

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The Gold-Plated Baglamukhi Yantra helps you in seeking power and dominance over the negativity of your enemies. It is a very potent and useful Yantra for getting rid of a black eye. If you are looking for winning lawsuits, and arguments, or maybe defeat your enemies, then this is a powerful Yantra for you. The person who worships this Baglamukhi Yantra will have an advantage over rivals, victory over opponents, and the ability to defeat rivals and conquer enemies.

This Baglamukhi Yantra also protects against diseases, chronic challenges, and accidents. The disease is also considered a trouble to humankind, that's why this Yantra is highly effective to clean the surrounding negative energies. The worshiper can also win legal battles and perform well in competitive exams with the assistance of the Gold-Plated Baglamukhi Yantra.

The Baglamukhi Yantra is a powerful reminder to triumph over adversaries. Additionally, this Yantra protects wounds, operations, and accidents.

It can ward off the evil spirits that can cause disturbance of one’s mental peace. Some of the most useful benefits of this Yantra are –

  • It triumphs over adversaries.
  • Students taking competitive exams benefit from it.
  • It protects against Black Magic very well.
  • It repels evil spirits.
  • It safeguards against wounds, surgeries, and accidents.

Material - Copper With Gold Polish

Dimension - 6x6 Inch

Yantra Weight - 126 Grams

With box Weight - 292  Grams