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Gold Plated Shri Yantra in a Premium Gift Box

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The Gold-Plated Shri Yantra is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and good health. It is the mother of all types of Yantras in the universe that are worshipped in the Hindu religion. This Yantra is also referred to as the Shree Chakra. It is represented by the energy of the entire cosmos, including all creatures and inanimate objects. The Gold-Plated Shri Yantra purges the home of any negative energy and maintains a happy atmosphere.

East or Northeast is considered to be a favourable direction for the Shri Yantra placement.

Following are some crucial benefits of having the Gold-Plated Shri Yantra –

  • The Shri Yantra bestows achievement and wealth.
  • The positive energy in the office and home is multiplied by the Shri Yantra.
  • The Shri Yantra aids in achieving financial prosperity.
  • This Yantra aids in gaining acceptance in the social sphere.
  • Children who struggle with attention in their studies can also use this yantra in their study spaces. 


Material - Copper With Gold Polish 

Dimension -  6x6 Inch

Yantra Weight - 126 Grams

With box Weight - 292  Grams