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Herbal Gulal - Pack of 2 (Blue & Green), 100 grams each

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Holi, a colourful and dynamic festival, also known as 'festival of colours' is celebrated by Hindus in India and throughout the world. Holi is celebrated to herald spring and new beginnings. It also commemorates various Hindu legends.

Holi is a festival for spreading love and letting go of enmity and negativity. Holi festival is for enjoying with your friends, neighbours, and relatives. Holi is not about polluting the environment with synthetic colours which are perfumed with chemicals. It is also not about dealing with skin allergies and rashes caused by the skin irritating harmful ingredients present in the synthetic dyes and pigments.

Play a tension- free Holi with our Herbal Gulal-Pack of 2 (Blue and Green) Our gulal is made of purely natural ingredients. It is non toxic and certified by NABL.

The colours used in Holi celebrations have deeper significance and are rooted in the rich customs and traditions. The colour blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with freedom, intuition, imagination, and sensitivity. It also represents the skin colour of Lord Krishna which turned blue due to being poisoned by the breast milk. Yellow colour is the epitome of light, eliminating all dark elements. Yellow represents health and happiness. It is also related to Lord Vishnu, who is almost always depicted dressed in yellow.

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Key Features

• NABL certified

• Skin friendly

• Chemical free

• 100℅ organic gulal

• Great for gifting 

2 Tubes of 100 Gram Each

Dimension(H*L*W) - 2.5x5x4.5 Inch