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Lemongrass Incense Cones

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Lemongrass incense cones have a grassy and fresh fragrance combined with earthy overtones. Our Servdharm cones have a sweet upper tone and a citrusy base tone. These cones are the right choice for aromatherapy with their uplifting and rejuvenating properties. The dual tones revitalize your tired mind and body and help you overcome fatigue and muscle pain. 

Our cones add intention to your meditation or yoga practice while purifying your surroundings and stimulating your creativity. They help you remain calm  by lowering your anxiety and stress levels and controlling your blood pressure levels. The cones also improve your concentration levels and assure you of a good sleep by serving as a mosquito repellent.

The lemongrass cones are wholly made of natural ingredients with no harmful substances to the environment. This makes them absolutely non-toxic. They burn for a long time and produce very little residue when they burn. These cones also help to balance the third or solar plexus chakra above the navel in the human body. 

The cones must be lit only in well-ventilated areas. For safety, the lit cones must not be kept near flammable substances. Lemongrass does not often suit all pets and so you might want to keep this in mind before you light up these cones. You must also store them in a cool and dry place for their long life. Blow out the flame from the cones after burning their tip for about 10 seconds.


  • Product Dimensions: 10*10*3 (in CM)


  • Product Weight: 75g


  • Lemongrass