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Pure Pital Lota/ Pital Kalash for Pooja & Surya Namaskar 4.5 Inch Height

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A lota or a kalash is a round water pot, typically made of brass or pital. It is a pooja essential item for various rituals of Hinduism. Pital is considered an auspicious metal for all religious purposes.brass attracts spiritual waves, positiveness and abundance.

Pital Lota can be used to offer Jal Abhishek to Shiva Linga, jal arpan or for cleansing the house.  It is believed that water transmits energy much faster as compared to air.  

Brass Kalash is used in various pooja rituals, and is believed to contain ‘Amrit’, the elixir of life. That is why it is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality. Devotees believe that kalash is the embodiment of all the Gods creating subtle divine vibrations.

 A pital lota can also be used to perform the ritual of Surya Arghya at sunrise.  offering water to the Sun God has great spiritual as well as scientific benefits. The practice of Araghya to the sun helps us in overcoming the imbalance of the five basic elements or Pancha Bhootas which are air, water, earth, fire and space. It brings happiness, peace, energy and intellectual upliftment.

This simple yet aesthetically designed Pital Lota is a must have pooja essential for all households. It is a multi-purpose object and can be used in a large number of rituals.

Key Features

-  Simple design

- Multipurpose

- Essential Pooja item

- Made of pure brass

- Value for money

- Long lasting


Weight - 155grams

Dimension(H*W) - 4.5 x 4 Inch

 Material - Pure Brass