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Mogra Incense Cones

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Mogra incense cones are for you if you want a floral aroma. These Servdharm cones can be lit up easily are very convenient to use. The highly strong and yet pleasant fragrance stimulates all the senses and stimulates a soothing atmosphere in the surroundings. Their long-lasting Arabian jasmine fragrance kindles a refreshing environment and keeps off negative energy in the surroundings. 

Lighting up these cones keep you relaxed and focus on your meditation, yoga or prayers without distraction with their enchanting fragrance. The alluring aroma all around you masks bad odours and is sure to boost your confidence, thereby helping in unleashing your creativity. The cones are a must have if you believe in aromatherapy. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Their fragrance relaxes troubled minds and provides relief from headaches and stress. The beautiful aroma instils mood upliftment and spiritual wakening while serving as the best way to destress yourself. Light the cone tip until you notice the flame and blow it out when you see the glow at the tip.

The completely herbal incense cones are non-toxic. However, when you light them, place them in a non-inflammable area where pets and children will not knock them accidentally. The cones should also be burnt in a well-ventilated and open area.You may want to avoid lighting these cones if you have respiratory problems like asthma or are pregnant. The residue from the burnt cones can be cleaned very easily.


  • Product Dimensions: 10*10*3 (in CM)


  • Product Weight: 75g


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