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Rose Incense Cones

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Rose incense cones come with a distinct gourmet scent featuring a floral fragrance. The Servdharm rose cones are known for their sweet and fresh note that makes them well suited for aromatherapy. They have aphrodisiac properties and have the ability to calm the human mind and body, making it essential to light them when you engage in yoga and/or meditation.

The sweet aroma produced from these cones soothe troubled minds and aid in mood upliftment. The aroma instils a sense of harmony not just within yourself but also in the surroundings. The neither too strong nor too mild scent sets just the right ambience for relaxation. It also helps to keep depression at bay and create a romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one. 

The cones must be lit at the pointed tip and allowed to burn for a little while before putting out the flame. Keep the cone on an incense corner in a safe corner of a well-ventilated room. Make sure that you do not light the cones in closed or confined spaces.

The cones are eco-friendly and are made of wholly natural materials. This makes them harmless to the environment. However, they must neither be left unattended nor kept near flammable objects. These incense cones should also not be exposed to direct sunlight causing them to lose their properties and making them less beneficial. Their residue can be cleaned very easily in minimum time without any hassle.


  • Product Dimensions: 10*10*3 (in CM)


  • Product Weight: 75g


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