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ServDharm Kadam - Itra for Pooja (10 ML)

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Kadam tree also known as Burflower tree features extensively in Indian mythology and ancient Hindu texts. According to Vaastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui, Kadam tree is considered an auspicious and sacred tree.

It is popularly associated with Lord Krishna, a popular incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Raas Leela of Krishna with Radha and Gopi's under the Kadam tree and various anecdotes of their interactions are popular and often told parts of Radha Krishna Legend.

Itra are offered to the deity as a token of respect and gratitude. It has an overall positive and calming effect. The fragrance of Itra assists in attaining a deeper meditative state to ward off all darkness, negativity and anxieties. It brings forward a delightful harmony of well being, grace and divinity.

ServDharm Kadam Itra for puja is an unadulterated aromatic distillate of  fresh Kadam flowers. It is made using a hundred percent natural process and is alcohol free. Kadam Itra has an intense, woody floral fragrance. The exotic and oriental aroma of this itra activates the Panchtatva - the five basic elements of nature - the bhoomi, the agni, the jal, the vayu and the akaash. By energising the Panchtatva it brings the body of the devotee in synergy and harmony with nature. 


Weight - 10 ML